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The Results Podcast with Michael Altshuler

May 26, 2019

Todd Brown is founder and CEO of Emphasis Benefits.  Having spent much of his career in executive level positions he fully understands the most effective way to work on behalf of his employer clients on best outcomes including implementation and renewal pricing and strategy. 

His 29 years of experience include leadership positions at CIGNA, UnitedHealthcare, Neighborhood Health Partnership and John Alden Life. Todd has industry leading expertise in all facets of managed care including traditional fully insured plans, self-funding, minimum premium and a multitude of alternative risk arrangements. Todd has had P&L responsibility for group insurance outcomes for his entire career and has brought that knowledge and understanding to Emphasis Benefits resulting in delivering the best outcomes to his employer clients for ten years.

In addition, Todd has built a great team of professionals at Emphasis Benefits who are very client focused and are very effective at tailored Benefit Administration and service solutions to serve our employer clientele.

Todd received his BA degree from the University of South Florida in Finance with a Minor in Economics. 


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