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The Results Podcast with Michael Altshuler

May 26, 2019

After years of working as an intrapreneur for Fortune 500 companies, Bruce had extensive success while earning industry-wide respect for honesty and integrity in building CIC Applicant Background Checks (now First Advantage) from $190,000 in sales to the industry leader with sales over $13,000,000.  After he sold the company in 1998, Bruce stayed on as president until he retired in 2000.

At the request of several industry business owners, he launched Berg Consulting Group providing services only to the Background Screening Industry including General Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions, a Better Vendor Program that strengthens court researcher networks, a job board for the industry and other services.

Through his efforts and angel investments Bruce has made six people millionaires and this should increase to eight by the end of 2020.


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