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The Results Podcast with Michael Altshuler

Sep 8, 2020

David is a veteran entrepreneur who has been building in the SaaS and e-Commerce space for over 20 years. He has had multiple exits including MaxCDN. His passion is to help entrepreneurs and their organizations succeed.

After his successful exit in 2017, David has focused on a number of people businesses (Talent as a Service) with an ambitious mission of securing 10,000 good jobs for the people that work with him.

He runs a small portfolio of startups including UpCoach (Group Coaching and Mastermind platform), TaskDrive (Sales Development), LTVplus (CX outsourcing), (Inbound Agency / Backlinks), 50saas (Dev Shop). He’s also an investor/advisor in several startups.

David is a regular keynote speaker at numerous conferences around the world and can often be sharing how Vision, Mission, and Values matter for your organization’s success and how to come up with them as well as how to apply business principles to your family life.

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