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The Results Podcast with Michael Altshuler

Mar 19, 2021

Kevin and Tony use to work together so I thought it would be a good idea to reunite this dynamic duo. Get ready for double the insights and more laughter than you’d ever have at a comedy club.

Kevin Brody is a successful entrepreneur, business leader and philanthropist.  As the CEO of Landfall Data, a top supplier of leads in America, Kevin’s success is derived by over promising and then overdelivering on the over promise.  And he has the same attitude and approach when it comes to giving and helping those in need.

Tony Provenzano is a marketing maven. Many call him a pioneer. He sees things that no one sees and does things that no one does in marketing. And his track record of proven results reflects his genius. He’s also a pretty funny guy (so be prepared to have a good laugh).

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